Feb 9, 2004

Got my tests and homework back for my Access class. I have a 89% right now so i'm happy. On the other hand I forgot to turn in a bibliography with my essay for Art History so I have a 25/30 on the paper until I get that in to him.

Thought I had a final comp. due for Design today, but it's not due till Wed. so I have more time to get it the way I want it. I'm not totally happy with how it looks right now.

I need to take time tonight to get my internship paperwork ready to get into Bach. I have it started, but I need to hurry and submit it so I can get it back to make changes. I know it's going to take a few times to get it all signed off on. I told him he'd have it last week, but looks like it will be tomorrow.

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Feb 2, 2004
Snow and things

It snowed last night and is trying to snow right now.  There is a light layer of snow all over things.

On another note I uploaded a couple ads that I did for class last quarter.  They are in the design section.  I put a whole page for ads.  I need to play with the layout and probably put each ad or set of ads on it's own page.

There are more ads I need to upload, but those are the highlights so far.

I also think I need to rename my pages.  Using 01, 02, etc. could be a little confusing if someone bookmarks a page and forgets what it is.

I'm also thinking of new designs for the site.  I might just change the colors.  The latest CA magazine has the color predictions for this year.  I could pick a color or two from those.

I had troubles with my stupid Access assignment last night.  Got them all figured out and I'm happy again.  I also found a bunch of White Stripes songs online (http://www.whitestripes.net/downloads.php).  Guess they did something called The Peel Sessions a couple times.  They are live sessions.  I downloaded them.  A bunch of the songs must be from their first album which I don't have.

Also check out the game on the White Stripes page.  It's a cool kindy dorky game.  Reminds me of brick on my cell phone.  Best part is they have it for both pc and mac.  I can put it on both my computers.

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Jan 27, 2004
Not Much Going On

As the title says not much is going no here.  Just figured I'd update this thing.  I got some bottles I had ordered.  They look like soda bottles.  Anyway, they are for a project.  This quarter we get to design packaging and stuff to go with a product.

The product I chose is Salad dressing.  These bottles will be interest.  The only problem is I had to by 12 and I only really need 3.  I think I'll try to sell 6 of them.  At two bucks each I can make back some of the extra money I had to spend because the order was smaller than $50.

Classes are going ok.  Access is turning out to be super easy.

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Jan 14, 2004
New Quarter

Hello all and welcome to Winter quarter.  I'm hoping I can get my site updated soon.  There are two things holding me back... 1. Time 2. I am considering a whole new look and feel for the site.  The colors are nice, but the images aren't really me.

I am also trying to post some recent pictures I have taken.  I got a few last night, but was having network problems or something so I couldn't log in using ftp to post them on the site.  So check back soon for those.  I do plan on posting them as soon as I can.

Classes are going well.  Looks like Wednesdays might be my mad rush to finish things day.  I just raced to database class after finishing the assignment that is due.  After this I need to run to the library to make copies for design class.  Then go to Art History.

After Art History I need to run home and finish the logotypes that are due in Design.  I just have to finish one and do the last one.  Should take maybe half an hour.

*deep breath*  It will all work out in the end.

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Dec 1, 2003

It's snowing!!!  There's snow outside my window and it's sticking.  I am so happy.  After class I'm going to make a snowman just for Ben because he said I should make one.

There's nothing like a good iced mocha on a cold, snowy day.

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Nov 12, 2003
Additions to site

I added some stuff to the website.  Started putting my Graphic Design work up.  That is afterall the main reason I got the site.  I wanted a place to show my work.

I added the Kodak site that I did last spring.  It was a fun project.  I'm working on another website for a class now.  It's a group project.  We're doing a site for our AIGA student group.  I'll post highlights from it when we get it done.

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Nov 11, 2003

Got my website up and working today.  I'm happy to finally have it going.  Much love and thanks to JP who got me a program that finally worked for uploading my site.

Let me know what you think of the site.  Good, bad, indifferent...  I like the design, but am not apposed to changing it.

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